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Why You Should Unfollow Me

I want to admit something to you…

Since my baby bump has gone away (there’s still some flab, but it’s mostly gone), I have been thinking through where to buy new clothes because I feel like I owe it to myself for carrying and birthing a baby. I had not bought regular sized clothes in a year and I am excited to have my non-pregnant body back! To plan out where to buy my new clothes, I started following popular fashion bloggers on Instagram. I am also aware that the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is right around the corner, and I remember fashion bloggers last summer posting about it but I didn’t even bother since I was pregnant. So I’m like, yay, I can partake in the sale this year!

All that to say, I’ve been spending a lot of time looking and thinking about new clothes. My Instagram feed is filled with gorgeous, money-making Instagram girls that I want to be like. But then my mind catches up…

I have the money to spend on clothes, but is that always a wise use of my money? The answer I come to is no.

I have cute clothes that fit. They may not be the latest seasons clothes, but I don’t need new clothes. I know that I won’t feel better about myself by buying new clothes. 

And I love trendy clothes. When I see a cute new top on sale, there’s nothing wrong with buying it! I recently bought some cute new tops at Loft :). But I also know that trendy clothes don’t fulfill me and I can get absorbed in trying to be trendy. I don’t want to invest so much time or money in that when there are other more important things in life.

I’m not saying that buying clothes is wrong. I honestly need a new pair of shorts. And neither is buying a new dress or top for a special occasion. It’s about your intent.

So I am not a fashion blogger. I spent some time unfollowing these fashion bloggers because I realized that those accounts make me want more. I don’t feel satisfied with what I have because I want what they have. They drag my bank account down, my guilt, and my self-esteem if I spend enough time looking at them.

*There are a few fashion bloggers I continue to follow because they are encouraging and more than just fashion bloggers to me :).*

To decide on who to follow and unfollow, I ask myself the question “How will following this person benefit me?”.

Is it a friend that I want to stay in touch with? Follow

Is it a Christian account that encourages me in my relationship with God? Follow

Is it an account that I relate to and find helpful or useful information? Follow

Is it a product or service that I enjoy and don’t feel the need to buy more? Follow

Is it a girl that I wish I could be like? Unfollow

Is it a life that I envy sometimes? Unfollow


It also got me thinking… I am lifestyle blogger. At times, I do use my account to make money. But I never want anyone to feel the way I feel about certain bloggers I have had to unfollow.

And I know my Instagram feed isn’t for everyone.

So I asked myself the question: what are people getting from my Instagram account? If they know me, I want them to stay connected with me by sharing what’s going on in my life. If they don’t know me, I want to encourage and relate to them in a way that may answer questions they have or give them hope to overcome struggles or insecurities.

And if I am at all discouraging you or dragging you down, I want you to unfollow me!

That’s obviously not my hope, but I want to encourage everyone, including myself, to unfollow anything that isn’t encouraging. It’s usually nothing personal, but it’s worth an unfollow.

For those who follow me and don’t know me: my goal with my posts is to benefit you (unless it’s just a cute picture of my daughter lol). I want to encourage and be resourceful, just like with our blog posts.

If you want to stick around and continue to follow along, are there specific topics you would like to see more of? Are there questions you would like to have answered? Share with me below in the comments or message me on Instagram and let me know!

So in conclusion…

  • Life isn’t about trendy clothes. You will be just as happy with your current clothes.
  • Unfollow Instagram accounts that discourage you
  • Message me if there are questions or topics you would like me to cover more on my account!

Hope this helps!! <3


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