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Why YOU Need This Challenge

pexels-photo-66367If you follow Rachel and me on Instagram, you will see our “Make Mondays Matter” challenges. This is only our third week of the Monday challenge, and we want to share with you the WHY behind this challenge. Here are a few reasons why you need this challenge and it’s worth your time to follow us and the challenge on Instagram:

  1. We want our Instagram posts to be about YOU more than they are about us. We want to post things that are worth following, reading, liking, and sharing. We think “what’s the point of this post” before we post to help us stay on track. This Make Monday’s Matter challenge is to remind you and ourselves that we want our posting to be way bigger than us and the Nook Girls. We hope it inspires you and challenges you to live your life fully!
  2. Mondays are hard. Sunday nights can also be hard. We want to give you a purpose for your Monday greater than just going to work that day. We want to help you practice putting others first because let’s face it, we all need practice at that.
  3. Kindness spreads! We don’t want our challenge to stop with you. We want others to notice your act of kindness and then do the same to others! Especially with all this election garbage, the Monday blues, and end of the year stress, help us spread kindness and love to others.  Help us Make Mondays Matter be a movement!

It’s never too late to join the challenge. You can start yesterday’s today or even go back a couple of weeks to catch up and do all three!

This Week’s Challenge:

??Write an encouraging note ? to an out of town friend or family member!
Yay for keeping snail mail alive! ?->???->?? It’s a plus if you’re one of those gifted with beautiful handwriting (not me). And if you’re not gifted at handwriting, the action means way more anyways!??

Share a picture of your cute letter on Instagram and tag us #thenookgirl and #makemondaysmatter to help spread the kindness to others! Plus, we would love to see the challenge in action :).


Stay tuned in for next week’s challenge! It’s my favorite one :).

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