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Three Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

I was asked to participate in the #HallmarkAtWalgreens campaign, sponsored by Hallmark at Walgreens. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

Holidays and celebrations are a big deal in my family. I love how my parents have always planned to make celebrations fun for our family, and now it’s my turn to start traditions and celebrate with my little family as well. The celebration day this month is Father’s Day! And like this past Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is a first for Jimmy and me to celebrate as a family of three.

Jimmy has already been an amazing father the past two months to Lily, and his dad skills also affect me. I couldn’t be the kind of mom to Lily without Jimmy being the kind of Dad he is to her. It all goes back to when we first began to “like” each other as more than friends. I had to put him through the test and ask questions like, “does he love God first? Will he lead me and our children to follow God? What kind of Dad will he be to our children?” Family is the most important thing to me under my relationship with God, and I have a model Mom and Dad that I hope Jimmy and I can be like with our children.

My dad is amazing. He is generous, loving, compassionate, servant-minded, funny, an amazing cook, talented, can fix anything, creative, and encouraging. He has led my mom well by loving and serving her. He has loved my brothers and me by always being there for us and taking care of us. He is liked by all because he is so genuine and kind. Growing up, any time my dad had to travel overnight, I would cry, and every time he came home, I was happier than ever. I had high standards for the guy I would want to marry because of my dad. And I found that man :).

This Father’s Day is so special to me as I celebrate not only my Dad, but also my husband and his very first Father’s Day. I am already prepping and planning!

Whether you are celebrating your dad, husband, or any other type of father-figure this year, here are three ways to celebrate Father’s Day:

  1. Buy him a Hallmark Signature card.

    I went to Walgreens and bought three Hallmark cards- one for my dad, Jimmy, and his dad. The Hallmark Signature line is so creative, unique and worth checking out! I love how these cards have so much texture and the material they are made out of makes them boldly stand out. I want to frame the Hallmark Signature line of cards because they are so beautiful! The one I bought for Jimmy is made of wood and it is so perfect for him. And don’t just buy it and sign your name, write a beautiful note explaining why you are thankful for them! I know they appreciate your words more than any other gift! Here are the ones I bought for Jimmy and my dad:

  2. Cook his favorite meal.

    If you didn’t already know, the way to a man’s heart (besides your words) is food. I have learned this over and over again with Jimmy. He LOVES when I put time and attention into meals for him. I’ve learned how much salt he likes on his food and what types of seasonings he likes. I know what to spend time on cooking that he will appreciate, and I can tell how happy he is when he eats something delicious. I’m not going to spoil the surprise here, but I will be making one of his favorite meals for him this year! Normally he cooks this meal, but I am going to take the reins this time to give him a night of relaxation. Stay tuned!

  3. Affirm and encourage him.

    Respect. This is what means so much to men. It can make them or break them. I’ve written about this before, but encouraging and affirming your man will make all the difference in your marriage/relationship. I’ll let you in on what I wrote for Jimmy this year! Shhh, don’t tell him yet ;).

    Here are a few extra special ways to speak love and encouragement to your husband:

– Buy helium balloons and tape an index card on each string that has a reason of why you love him or are thankful for him.

– Write on the mirror with lipstick how much you love him.

– Start a journal with prayers and letters to him that encourage and affirm him. Include your Hallmark Signature card!

– Leave notes, like a Hallmark Signature card, around the house and in his car with reasons of why you love him and are thankful for him.

– Just say it to him! It can be a total random outburst or at anytime, but just tell him why you love him and are thankful for him.

I hope this inspires and helps you plan Father’s Day this year, no matter who you are celebrating!

I would love to hear from you: Who are you celebrating this year and how do you plan on celebrating him?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walgreens. The opinions and text are all mine.

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