A VERY Important Cure for Life’s Struggles


Lately it feels like I have been struggling through life. I am taking each day, one at a time. The past couple years have been so much fun for me, and honestly, it’s been pretty easy, not many struggles to tackle. But I have entered a new and exciting stage of life(pregnancy), but it’s not at all easy and it hasn’t been fun yet. I daydream all the time about holding the Creagh babe and I cannot wait to be a mom,but I also really cannot wait for him or her to be out of my body at the end of March.

I have been sick 24/7 since August 1. I thought by this time, my sickness would be lifted, but nope, it’s still here. I also started a new job in a new industry the week I got pregnant (oops) and I’ve had to work through it being sick. At times, I’ve been lonely, depressed, and super anxious (thanks, hormones). It’s been really frustrating that there is nothing I can really do to control what’s going on in my life right now. I have questioned God’s timing. I have doubted God’s blessings. And I have felt guilt from not being able to help others more during this time and not being happy about the process when I know this is a gift.

So I know the majority of you are probably not pregnant right now but if you look back at those last few sentences I think so many of you can relate to how I’ve been feeling.

These feelings, emotions, thoughts, doubts, and fears are reoccurring through life.  I have experienced basically every emotion I have felt before just in different circumstances and intensities. Nobody’s life is perfect and everyone experiences hard times, not always in the same way, but no one is alone in the emotions, insecurities and doubts that each of us experiences.

I have been a Christian almost my entire life. I know God is there and I know that he is for my good. I’ve seen how in all things, he has worked it out for my good. Do I always feel it in the moment though? No. and that is also normal. It’s called being human.

So here is my counsel/advice to you and to myself whether you’re a struggling through a difficult, dry time right now or for the next hard time you experience…

Run to your friends who you know will encourage you and point you back to God and his truth. Thankfully I am seeing the light and hope now through pregnancy. I am happier than I was a month ago for sure, but I know it’s because God is answering my prayer through the encouragement of my friends. When I feel like being by myself all week because I’m sad or exhausted, I’m reminded to call on a friend who will encourage me and help me remember the fun that God wants us to experience in life. My community and my God-loving friends are one of the best gifts I have ever been given on this earth. God created us to thrive when we are surrounded by people who love us and love God.
I will say too, I have been through stages of life that I haven’t had God-loving friends around me. When I was in high school, I felt alone because I didn’t have friends at school who loved me for me. So, I prayed every night for friends and of course, God answered my prayer because He wants that for us as well. Sometimes he does allow you to go through times like that, but it’s because He wants to help you see that those types of friendships are a pure gift from Him. We do nothing to deserve that. It’s because God is good and He loves to give his children good good gifts. And as I’ve been told before, to have a friend, you have to be a friend. It’s so true.


(I wrote this post for one of my favorite blogs that I used to write for, A Girl Like Me)

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