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October Q&A with Allison

Hello! It’s starting to scare me how fast time is flying…

I shared my first Q&A post back in August here and decided it was time for another!

These questions can be anything, “big” or “small”… there’s not a right question!

And if any of these spark another question, let me know in the comments! And as always, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Here we goooooo:

“Have you left Lily with a babysitter or in Summit Kids (church nursery) yet? Every week I convince myself to put her in kids room but then it’s time to drop her off and I can’t do it, so she lays in my lap during the service. If you have used a sitter or daycare, how were you able to temporarily let go?”

Okay, I totally understand this question. The first time I left Lily in the church nursery (around 4 months), I was so nervous that I had to have Jimmy come with me. And then when I left her, I was frazzled so I took her diaper bag with me on accident and one of the workers ran after me to get it! When we picked her up, they said she did fine :). I still don’t like leaving her, but I am able to focus and enjoy the church service more when I do, so I just remind myself of that.

Our parents or a good friend will babysit her when Jimmy and I want to go out, but I still feel weird leaving her! Gosh, I wish I was more cool about it. It does get easier each time, and Jimmy is my encourager that everything is going to be fine :). So first time moms, you aren’t alone!

“What solids has Lily tried and is there anything she loves/hates?”

So far I have blended sweet potatoes and breastmilk together and also banana and almond milk together. She prefers the sweet potato, for sure. I haven’t tried anything else yet because we started this month (6 months), and I honestly haven’t had time to make anything else for her. I prefer to make my own food for her to save money and so it is as natural and basic as possible, but I am sure I will buy the fruit and veggie pouches soon as a time-saver.

“How do you prepare yourself for married life as a Christian woman? I’m not engaged yet, but I am with my forever person.”

I wrote a post on this a while back here. But there are two main points I think of now:

  1. Focus on your relationship with God first. Spend time with God, read His word, talk to Him, ask Him to make you more like Him. This is most important. As you do this, God will make you into the woman he wants you to be for your spouse.
  2. Fill your mind with gospel-centered wisdom for marriage. My favorite book is the Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller. Ask a godly married woman to mentor you. Listen to sermons on marriage by Tim Keller, Matt Chandler, JD Greear (my favorite!).

“Would love to know where you go to church and if  you’re involved in any kind of small group. I’m a young, single female and am having trouble finding a Christian community in Raleigh. Can you share any tips or knowledge?”

This is a VERY common question. I had this same question the year after I graduated college. I am a member of the Summit Church in the RDU. I attended for several years before I really felt a part of the church. This is what made the difference for me:

  1. I started serving on Sunday mornings. So whether you’re a greeter, in the nursery or prayer team, get involved somewhere! You will meet the pastors, leaders, and other members serving with you! Take ownership where you serve!
  2. Find a small group. Ask anyone serving during the service how to get in a small group and they will help you! Or look up their website because the info is usually on there too.
  3. Attend any of the extra events at church outside of the worship service- prayer meetings, seminars, worship nights, etc.

“What is Lily’s sleep schedule right now?”

Lily turned 6 months October 4th. I feel like her sleep schedule is always subject to change. But she has always woken up 7-730 am.

Right now she is at three naps a day that range from 30 minutes to 2 hours (usually 30-45 minutes though haha). These naps are around 9:30 am, 12:30 pm, 3:30 pm. She goes to bed at 7 pm. It seems that she is about to go to two naps a day though, so her naps have been inconsistent lately!

I don’t follow a formal schedule like Baby Wise. I make sure she gets her naps in as best as I possibly can every day. I follow her sleep cues and always do the same routine before she sleeps.

“What are your tricks for meeting other moms?”

I am SUPER thankful that God has given me friends that had babies within a year of each other, so it was somewhat easy to have a core group of mom friends since we were friends before babies.

I have also met many moms after I had Lily. A few I have met on Instagram and then scheduled play dates. I have also met quite a few moms through other mom friends. I love planning get-togethers and hosting, so I will invite moms together to hang out for coffee or meet at a park. The great thing about meeting up with moms you don’t know is that your babies are like a buffer and conversation starter so if you run out of things to talk about, at least you can play with your kids together! 🙂

And last question for now (but I will continue to answer the questions you have sent me in other posts!)

“Any activities that you and Lily enjoy lately? I know a lot of mamas think they will go stir crazy just staying at home all day.”

Since Lily is 6 months old, there’s not much we can do together since she can hardly sit on her own haha! I am dreaming of the days we will go to museums and ice cream shops together. But this season is awesome too because I can meet up with friends at a coffee shop and let Lily hang out in her stroller or on a blanket and play since she’s not running around yet.

Lily and I go on a lot of walks together, and if it’s raining, we will walk around the mall or Target. I love taking her to run errands to get her out of the house. We love going to friend’s houses or to see the grandparents. Lily loves to be outside, so I take advantage of that every time we have nice weather!


Hope these answers were helpful and as always, would love to hear thoughts and feedback from you!!! <3

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