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Make Mondays Matter- A Challenge for Your Mondays

Mondays can be hard. For some people, it’s their favorite day of the week- a reset, a day to get things done, and start the week off right. For me, Mondays are a struggle. Coming off the weekend of time spent with family and friends hanging out and making memories, it’s hard for me to enter back into “real life.” I have consistently woken up on Monday with the deepest desire to curl up back into my cocoon of weekending- sleeping in, brunch, date nights, shopping, traveling, or just laying on my couch doing absolutely nothing. I know I have to get up and face the day, but the struggle is real sometimes.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to bless two friends of mine, one who had experienced a death of a dear family member, and one who was just having a hard day. I bought one a Starbucks drink and dropped off some flowers and a card for the other. It was amazing how much brighter my Monday was after being able to bring a joy to people I loved. After this, I had a thought- what if every Monday I did something like this- something to take the focus off myself  and make others feel special. Not as a way to make myself feel better but a way to make Monday a little easier and happier for others, a way to make Mondays matter.

You may not struggle with Mondays at all. In fact, it may be your best day of the week, but I still challenge you to join me in making the most of Monday.

For the next 8 weeks, every Monday, we will release a new challenge to make every Monday matter. Join us in spreading some Monday joy to all! Tag your friends in this post who you want to challenge and make sure to hashtag #makeMondaysmatter and #thenookgirls to be featured and spread the Monday love!

Make Mondays Matter- A Challenge for Your Mondays

Our first challenge for Make Mondays Matter is as follows:

Week 1 (October 17th)- Text a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile.

  • You know, that friend that keeps popping into your mind but it’s going to take some energy to reconnect with because maybe you haven’t talked in a few months. And maybe it’s your fault, or hers/his and it might be kinda awkward. Suck it up. She’s been on your mind for a reason, maybe she/he needs some encouragement from a friend today.

Make Mondays Matter- A Challenge for Your Mondays

Join us for the next 8 weeks in Making Mondays Matter!

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