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My Favorite Baby Gifts

I had several amazing baby showers with my friends and my mom and mother-in-law’s friends. They all went above and beyond to shower me with love and gifts for Lily. Lily has no idea how loved she is because the showers are really for her… not me!

I want to share with you some of my favorite gifts I received. These aren’t the gifts that are necessary, like a changing table, mattress, crib, etc. because you can find all of those on Amazon. These are the extra, fun gifts if you need ideas for your next baby shower or your baby registry!

Old Navy Clothes

Oh my gosh. I cannot get enough of these clothes!!! Maybe it’s because I would wear the baby styles if they came in my size, haha, but this is definitely my favorite place to buy and receive clothes for Lily.

Here is an outfit I had on my registry that I can’t wait till she can fit in it!


Skip Hop Baby Gym

I looked so hard to find a baby gym for Lily that wasn’t tacky or super expensive. We almost made our own because none of them were calm enough to sit in my living room, but also not ridiculously priced! I found this one on amazon and we all love it! Definitely a favorite for Lily!


Pottery Barn Bedding

You can never go wrong with Pottery Barn! I am so in love with this crib sheet and this blanket throw that I lay over her crib! I have had so many ask me about her crib sheet, and the throw is on sale right now! Theses are both GREAT gift ideas if you know the style of the mom/her nursery.





Another favorite and one that I didn’t have on my registry nor ask for, is this baby podster. We put Lily in it on the kitchen table when we are eating or cooking, on the bathroom counter while I am putting makeup on, or in the living room after she eats so she’s not flat on her back. It’s so useful and cute!




Fawn and Sage Swaddle and Bow

This is a gift that my friend picked out for me and surprised me! This whole Etsy shop is so cute, but I love this particular design she chose. Also, Lily is the baby modeling it :).



Floral Mobile

My friends have a small business creating floral mobiles, and they custom-made the one in our nursery. I am obsessed with it and I am pretty sure Lily is too :). If you’re interested, you can message them on Instagram to find out more!




Summer Infant In View Digital Monitor

I wanted a monitor that we could hear and see Lily, but I didn’t want the WiFi connection. I read so many reviews on baby monitors, and this is the one we ended up with, and it works great! I sleep with it on every night, and I am so glad we have it.


So there you have it! Those are some of my favorite, worth-sharing gifts for Lily.

Would you add any to this list???








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