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Lily’s 8 Month Update and Routine!

I have been receiving so many questions about Lily lately, which is funny because I have also been asking a lot of questions about Lily haha :). Questions like, how many naps, what time should she nap, when should she eat, how much should she eat, what does playtime look like, how do I help… Continue reading Lily’s 8 Month Update and Routine!

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How to Be Single

Yesterday I asked on my Instagram who was in middle school, high school or college. I was so glad to learn how many girls follow me who are NOT in my life stage. And it inspired me to address other life stages besides my own. I was single for almost 25 years of my 27.5 years of… Continue reading How to Be Single

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How I Take Care of Myself (and a baby)

One of the hardest adjustments to motherhood is that I never get a break. Sure, you get a “break” when they are sleeping, but there is always the anticipation of when they will wake up… and that could be at ANY moment. Sure, the dad helps and can give you a break at times, but… Continue reading How I Take Care of Myself (and a baby)