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Make Mondays Matter- A Challenge for Your Mondays

Mondays can be hard. For some people, it’s their favorite day of the week- a reset, a day to get things done, and start the week off right. For me, Mondays are a struggle. Coming off the weekend of time spent with family and friends hanging out and making memories, it’s hard for me to… Continue reading Make Mondays Matter- A Challenge for Your Mondays

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Thou Shalt Please Others

I’ve been reminded lately of this pesky little false commandment that gets stuck in our minds: “Thou shalt please others.”  Wherever we go and whoever we are with, we somehow default to believing this made-up commandment. It can control us. It can put us in bondage. It’s restricting. It causes anxiety and worry. It makes us… Continue reading Thou Shalt Please Others

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Honoring Singleness

Last week I listened to a sermon that was on marriage, and I didn’t agree with how it was presented. The sermon was 100% gospel-centered truth. I am sure it was encouraging and convicting to every married couple listening, and I agreed with everything he said. But the problem is that I couldn’t stop thinking about what… Continue reading Honoring Singleness

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Why I Cry Watching Fixer Upper

When I ask Jim if we can watch Fixer Upper (popular HGTV show), he asks me, “Are you going to cry again watching it?” And I say, “noooo.” He says, “are you suuurrrre?” And then I say, “I’ll TRYYYYYY not to.” And somewhere in the middle of the show, I start sniffling and Jim says, “ALLLLYYYYYYYYY!!… Continue reading Why I Cry Watching Fixer Upper