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October Q&A with Allison

Hello! It’s starting to scare me how fast time is flying… I shared my first Q&A post back in August here and decided it was time for another! These questions can be anything, “big” or “small”… there’s not a right question! And if any of these spark another question, let me know in the comments!… Continue reading October Q&A with Allison

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How to Be Single

Yesterday I asked on my Instagram who was in middle school, high school or college. I was so glad to learn how many girls follow me who are NOT in my life stage. And it inspired me to address other life stages besides my own. I was single for almost 25 years of my 27.5 years of… Continue reading How to Be Single

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Three Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

I was asked to participate in the #HallmarkAtWalgreens campaign, sponsored by Hallmark at Walgreens. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own. Holidays and celebrations are a big deal in my family. I love how my parents have always planned to make celebrations fun for our family, and now it’s my turn to… Continue reading Three Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

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Five Ways to Make Your Home Your (and Other’s) Favorite Place 

My days are VERY different now than what I have always been used to. I am the girl who is either working, studying, out with friends, planning a party, or going out with Jimmy. A social butterfly is an accurate stereotype for me. The only time I stick around the house is when I am sick… Continue reading Five Ways to Make Your Home Your (and Other’s) Favorite Place 

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Cooking with Allison and Jimmy: Asian Night!

I am sharing with you TWO Asian recipes today. The first is a very special meal in my heart, and it’s not because it’s the most tasty to me. It’s because it’s the most tasty to my husband. Let me warn you: making sushi is a cooking level of difficulty and it’s not easy to… Continue reading Cooking with Allison and Jimmy: Asian Night!

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First and Second Trimester Tricks

Tonight Jimmy and I went to a Tex-Mex chain restaurant (which I would not recommend) because they had a deal on queso. That is so “basic white girl is pregnant” status. I don’t normally eat queso because I don’t believe in putting that substance in my body. But now, it is one of the only things… Continue reading First and Second Trimester Tricks

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Honoring Singleness

Last week I listened to a sermon that was on marriage, and I didn’t agree with how it was presented. The sermon was 100% gospel-centered truth. I am sure it was encouraging and convicting to every married couple listening, and I agreed with everything he said. But the problem is that I couldn’t stop thinking about what… Continue reading Honoring Singleness