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Wakey, wakey!It’s breakfast time!

Breakfast food is my favorite type of food. I don’t really know what it is about it that makes it DELICIOUS! Jimmy knows that taking me to (or bringing me) breakfast is one of my favorite “treats”. I remember in high school and college I barely ate breakfast. It was probably because those extra ten… Continue reading Wakey, wakey!It’s breakfast time!

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A VERY Important Cure for Life’s Struggles

Lately it feels like I have been struggling through life. I am taking each day, one at a time. The past couple years have been so much fun for me, and honestly, it’s been pretty easy, not many struggles to tackle. But I have entered a new and exciting stage of life(pregnancy), but it’s not… Continue reading A VERY Important Cure for Life’s Struggles

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First and Second Trimester Tricks

Tonight Jimmy and I went to a Tex-Mex chain restaurant (which I would not recommend) because they had a deal on queso. That is so “basic white girl is pregnant” status. I don’t normally eat queso because I don’t believe in putting that substance in my body. But now, it is one of the only things… Continue reading First and Second Trimester Tricks

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Thou Shalt Please Others

I’ve been reminded lately of this pesky little false commandment that gets stuck in our minds: “Thou shalt please others.”  Wherever we go and whoever we are with, we somehow default to believing this made-up commandment. It can control us. It can put us in bondage. It’s restricting. It causes anxiety and worry. It makes us… Continue reading Thou Shalt Please Others

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You Need to Relax

Sometimes you just need to slide on some things… I don’t mean literally slide like on a playground, but figuratively slide on your to-do list. I’m a task-maker, system-follower, write-the-task-down-just-so-you-can-cross-it-off kind of girl. I like plans. I like to send google invites to my friends and husband when we make plans for the week. I… Continue reading You Need to Relax

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I Work Out: Motivation and 5 Tips to Help You

Remember when you said, “Summer is coming… I have two months to get in bikini body shape…”. I’ve said that many times, and usually didn’t follow through with it. The past couple of years I have really changed the way I eat and exercise and I have seen obvious results! I don’t work out every day.… Continue reading I Work Out: Motivation and 5 Tips to Help You