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October Q&A with Allison

Hello! It’s starting to scare me how fast time is flying… I shared my first Q&A post back in August here and decided it was time for another! These questions can be anything, “big” or “small”… there’s not a right question! And if any of these spark another question, let me know in the comments!… Continue reading October Q&A with Allison

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How to Be Single

Yesterday I asked on my Instagram who was in middle school, high school or college. I was so glad to learn how many girls follow me who are NOT in my life stage. And it inspired me to address other life stages besides my own. I was single for almost 25 years of my 27.5 years of… Continue reading How to Be Single


3 Ways to be the Best Long Distance Bestie

I am no stranger to the long distance friendship. When I graduated college, the majority of my friends were moving out of state either because they were getting married or were embarking on a new endeavor in the working world. This was very hard for me, as I felt like I was always saying goodbye.… Continue reading 3 Ways to be the Best Long Distance Bestie

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Galentine’s Party: The Nook Girls Edition

The Nook Girls are so excited to finally share our Galentine’s Party and styled shoot! For those who are new, the Nook Girls, Rachel and Allison, are lifestyle bloggers in Raleigh, NC. We enjoy bringing bloggers together in the area to learn from each other and grow together as bloggers and social media influencers. Recently,… Continue reading Galentine’s Party: The Nook Girls Edition

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One year of the Nook Girls!

Today we celebrate the Nook Girls one year anniversary! January 14, 2016 we posted for the very first time as the Nook Girls. This year has been AMAZING, and we are so thankful for the gift of this blog to have a creative outlet, grow in our friendship, and connect with YOU! We know so… Continue reading One year of the Nook Girls!

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A VERY Important Cure for Life’s Struggles

Lately it feels like I have been struggling through life. I am taking each day, one at a time. The past couple years have been so much fun for me, and honestly, it’s been pretty easy, not many struggles to tackle. But I have entered a new and exciting stage of life(pregnancy), but it’s not… Continue reading A VERY Important Cure for Life’s Struggles

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Make Mondays Matter- A Challenge for Your Mondays

Mondays can be hard. For some people, it’s their favorite day of the week- a reset, a day to get things done, and start the week off right. For me, Mondays are a struggle. Coming off the weekend of time spent with family and friends hanging out and making memories, it’s hard for me to… Continue reading Make Mondays Matter- A Challenge for Your Mondays

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Thou Shalt Please Others

I’ve been reminded lately of this pesky little false commandment that gets stuck in our minds: “Thou shalt please others.”  Wherever we go and whoever we are with, we somehow default to believing this made-up commandment. It can control us. It can put us in bondage. It’s restricting. It causes anxiety and worry. It makes us… Continue reading Thou Shalt Please Others