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5 Steps for Filling a Home on a Budget

Jimmy, Lily and I are finally feeling “settled” in our new home. I didn’t feel like I could really enjoy the house until things were unpacked, cleaned, and we had all the basics furniture. We also didn’t budget very much to fill the new house. I am going to be really transparent with you because… Continue reading 5 Steps for Filling a Home on a Budget

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October Q&A with Allison

Hello! It’s starting to scare me how fast time is flying… I shared my first Q&A post back in August here and decided it was time for another! These questions can be anything, “big” or “small”… there’s not a right question! And if any of these spark another question, let me know in the comments!… Continue reading October Q&A with Allison

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How I Take Care of Myself (and a baby)

One of the hardest adjustments to motherhood is that I never get a break. Sure, you get a “break” when they are sleeping, but there is always the anticipation of when they will wake up… and that could be at ANY moment. Sure, the dad helps and can give you a break at times, but… Continue reading How I Take Care of Myself (and a baby)